AAC JUDGE'S CLINIC  at TLC Sept 23-25, 2016

Download this pdf flyer to send to your friends~~AGILITY FUN MATCH Sept 23 24 2016.pdf (634961)




AAC Evening Trial:  Thursday, Sept 22, 2016   Judge: Carolyn Dockril of Nova Scotia.  2 Starter Standard, 2 Master Std and 1 Master Gamble.  Limited entry.  AAC Trials


Agility FUN MATCH.  Saturday Sept 24 in the afternoon and Sunday Sept 25, all day - this match is free to all to attending as we are running for the Judge's Candidates to gain experience and feedback during the AAC Judge's Clinic.  Check back for start times!!



Oct 22/23, 2016  Indoors on dirt.

Opening Date: July 15, 2016    

Closing Date: Sept 14, 2016




More info soon! and feel free to Contact Us if you have ANY questions.

Cheers~  Gloria, July 2016


Tollhaven Learning Centre

Welcome to TLC!  We're very excited to launch our updated website with information on our current programs and events.  Let us know what you think!


Tollhaven Learning Centre is a training centre with a difference.  While the majority of our programs focus on dog sports and behavioural consults, there is something here for everyone who shares their life with dogs.


Any animal lover knows that the simple tasks of caring for, feeding, grooming, training, healing and performing with our animal friends gives an added dimension to our lives that only another animal lover can understand.  At TLC, we strive to treasure that dimension while we provide support and guidance in the practical matters of living with our pets.


All training programs use reward-based motivational methods that focus on creating a thinking dog, that can show self-control and problem-solving skills that allow you to enjoy a wide variety of activities and experiences with your dog.  By melding the science of behaviour modification with more 20 years of practical dog training experience, we show you techniques that you can use to achieve your training goals.

Happy Canada Day, Gloria
I just had to tell you something amazing. I was doing my physio exercises just now....one of which is to extend my arms, with palms facing front, with thumbs pointing upward. The exercise is raising and lowering arms in this position.
Benson was laying on the stair landing, and spied my open hand from afar. He jumped up, came running toward me, and placed the leathery part of his nose in my palm. I felt so badly that I did not have a treat for him, but so proud of what he has learned.
We are SO excited to have your help in letting Benson be the best he can be. Have a lovely holiday weekend!
        - Mary Lou

Check out our channel: TollhavenLC !!

Running Brave

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Thank you to everyone who supported our 2015 Holiday initiative for Bridging the Gap!!

We are so very grateful that your donations helped us support folks in crisis or transition, with pets, thru the holidays.  Thank you again!

Bridging the Gap



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MARCH 2015:

INTRO TO AGILITY Program Agility


Veterinarian Recommended

There are a number of Veterinarians in the London/Aylmer/St. Thomas area who refer their clients to us for behavioural problems such as reactivity, fear, aggression, resource guarding, separation anxiety and much more.


Even small challenges like giving daily medications can be made easier with a few training sessions, as well as safety issues for vets, groomers and other care givers of your pet.


Contact us today to discuss your pet.


Yes, I've achieved my goals, and more. It's become a great release for me and I love the time with just me and my dog.

 - Cina Sand, with Delilah