Thank you to everyone who supported our 2015 Holiday initiative for Bridging the Gap!!

We are so very grateful that your donations helped us support folks in crisis or transition, with pets, thru the holidays.  Thank you again!

Debbie Dust
600 James St S
St. Mary’s, Ont  N4X 1C7
Margaret & Steve Gelinas
Market Pet
26 Kilworth Park
Komoka, Ontario
N0L 1R0
Lara & Joe Joudrey
Bloomingtails of London
431 Boler Rd
London, Ontario
N6K 2K8
Carole Englehart
J. A. Roofing Systems
6678 Woodworth Rd 
Port Burwell, ON, N0J 1T0
Lyle Recker
Family Pet Centre
E107 Conc E
Tillsonburg, Ont
N4G 4W4
And thank you to Janet Buck, Christine Armstrong and Lori Kirkpatrick for your donations and help with our Holiday initiative.
We are looking forward to meeting with interested parties thru February and working out a plan for Bridging the Gap for folks with pets to be able to access the health services they need.  Thank you for supporting the project!!






Bridging the Gap


Can you help with Bridging the Gap?

2015 has been an intense year.

Not all of us made it.

Not all of the friends and family we started the year with, are with us today……some who lived a full life, some who left us too early……..all are heartily missed.  Some walked on two feet, some on four paws, all with a spirit so missed.

Sometimes our loss can leave us with the desire to DO something.  This is what I’m doing and I hope you can help:

Bridging the Gap

Pets have an amazing effect on our health……. Improving our physical, emotional, and mental health in innumerable ways.  For folks who have no safe place to leave their pets while they seek supportive services, loving a pet can complicate something as simple as seeing a doctor and delay something as essential as residential treatment, sometimes indefinitely.  This is a real gap that is a complex problem to tackle, so we’re starting small with a Holiday initiative and will continue to explore how to build a program that may help folks and critters in the London area.

2015 Holiday Season:

We are collecting food, blankets, dog coats, treats…..hopefully in small packages, to distribute to folks who are unable to take advantage of Holiday programs such as shelters, severe-cold surplus shelters, holiday meal programs, mission services, health clinics, and counselling because they have a pet.

We are seeking to build partnerships with front line workers thru existing services and various London Service groups to deliver the ‘goodies’ for us this Holiday season.   Hopefully the contacts made during this Holiday season can help us look at how we at TLC and the dog fancy, can support health services for folks (homeless or not) with pets on an ongoing basis.

What can you do right now?

    □       Collect up old dog coats; blankets; treats or supplies that are sitting gathering dust!

    □       Ask your supplier contacts for sample packs of dog/cat food, stale dated food or treats.

    □       Volunteer to be a drop off point at your office/store. (call or text me 519-652-9795)

    □       Sew, knit, crochet small blankets, dog coats or something with holiday cheer.

Drop Off Locations: (will be updated on as we add more):

Tollhaven Learning Centre      5400 Carriage Rd  Middlesex Centre Ontario  N0L 2G0

Bloomingtails 431 Boler Rd London Ont N6K2K8.                 (519)601-5272

Thank you! For reading this and taking a moment to consider the project.  If you’ve someone ‘waiting at the bridge’ for you, please make sure you have the support you need.  There are folks who care.

If you’d like to join us on this project, please get in touch!  Please share this flyer. Can you help with Bridging the Gap.pdf (412,1 kB) We can use all the help we can get!

Best,  Gloria Mitchell   TLC  London, Ontario      (519) 652-9795