Play'n'Learn Doggie Daycare

TLC's Play'n'Learn Doggie Daycare is a small, owner-operated service that provides cutomized attention to each dog's needs.

With a minimum of 3 thirty minute exercise periods in our 12,000 sq ft Daycare Yard each day and optional services like our Training Package of 3 fifteen minute training sessions per day, your dog will come home happy, and tired!

In inclement weather, we have lots of games and toys to play with in our indoor Classroom.  Most days tho, the dogs can hang out in our spacious outdoor runs, enjoying the country air, when not participating in play sessions.

"Trying to sell your house when you own 4 dogs can be really challenging.  Being able to send them to TLC's daycare when the realtor wanted to show the house was a godsend, especially on short notice."     - Megan and the houndz

There are lots of reasons to take advantage of Doggie Daycare:

  • a young puppy who needs access to outside while you're away from home
  • an adolescent pup who's energy level builds with each day you're working - the exercise and socialization will wear him out
  • socialization - both preventative for young dogs and remedial for dogs in our training program for reactive dogs
  • confidence building - fearful dogs can gain a lot of confidence from dealing with soical situations, as well as from conquering agility obstacles or other physical challenges during playtime
  • realtor showing your house
  • contractors/service folks/cleaning staff/home support workers are coming to the home
  • your dog needs special care after an injury/surgery/old age.  We can also help you with other special needs as you articulate them to us
  • your dog needs meds during the day
  • housetraining issues

What our clients say.....

"Rowan is better behaved at home on a daily basis because he gets the mental exercise he needs to stay happy" - Nicole and Rowan

"Gloria has a wonderful understanding of how the canine mind works and how to achieve your goals with your dogs" - Christina & Finn

"You need to get your dog out to exercise not just their bodies, but their minds as well.  They actually love to think and problem solve." - Cina & Delilah

"Logan used to bark and lunge at people and dogs alike (which caused not only the people to have a heart attack but us too!).  The last thing we wanted was for Logan to hurt anyone.  After coming to Gloria, he's become so much better with people!" - Jessica, Matt & Logan

For current prices, please click here: DAYCAREschedule of fees.pdf (40,7 kB)

Hours of Operation:


Drop Off: 7:30 - 10:00 am

Pickup: 4:00 - 7:00 pm

* or by appointment

The most popular days for Daycare are Tues/Wed/Thurs but we are happy to accommodate you if we can!

To view a map of our location, please go to our Contact Us page.