MONDAY OCT  10, 2022




10 AM - 2 PM

THE FUN MATCH (Limited Entry)

Food & toys permitted

3 runs on Standard Courses by Shane Miller.  Beginner/Novice Standard first (lovely course for baby dogs) then Senior/Champion Standard and a Masters Series Standard.  As well, Handlers can choose their own course or work on one obstacles for their 2 min turn.  During the Sen/Champ and Masters Series, there will be a 30' x 110' section of the field where we will add some straight line obsctacles for baby dogs ie. tunnel send, an extra teeter and aframe.  Friends are welcome to help adjust heights of equipment, set up targets/mats, hide toys, feed your contact criteria etc.  $40 per dog incl hst.

Register here:

Entries received to date:  TLC October Fun Match Registrations (4).pdf (72387)


TLC is selling off extra or old equipment during this match.  Participants are also welcome to bring dog items to sell 'out of the trunk' (if you have any room beside the dogs!!).  Larger items may be brought over up to a week ahead of the event.  All sellers are responsible for their own transactions and must remove all items at the end of the day.

TLC will have smaller items as a Garage Sale (in the garage!) and the larger items will be silent auction that ends at 2:15 pm.  Payment for TLC items is due at the time of the sale, cash, debit and credit accepted.  All items must be removed from TLC by 7pm on Oct 17.

TLC items for the sale include:

Aframe steel skeleton (May have boards after removing rubber)
Dogwalk on wheels steel skeleton (May have boards after removing rubber)
Teeter steel skeleton (May have board after removing rubber)
**these may have rubber if I can’t remove it!!
Aluminum teeter
Puppy teeter
Tunnel bags
Shutzhund Aframe
A couple of tunnels
Steel breakaway tire
ABS frame w non breakaway tire
AW aluminum crate
Smaller items will be priced to sell as at a garage sale:
3 igloo dog houses
AAC double -old heights, switches to single, metal
AAC double -old heights, switches to single, pvc
AAC asc jump - old heights, metal, switches to single
Homemade PVC jumps, large pipe, cup strips x 10
AAC hogback wooden broad jump (from Rooyackers)
PVC one piece wingless jumps, cup strips
fabric crates
kennel heaters
old nylabone crates (too brittle for car crates but lovely folding crate for cottage etc)
aluminum dog ramps
battery fans (broken holders)
toys rejected by the Kelpies
And much much more.
I will be posting pics of items soon in a Facebook group for the sale, join at:


Field Rentals and Lessons available:

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