2022 Great Lakes Battle AAC Open



It’s kinda like the AAC Steeplechase class that is “Open” to all AAC dogs, Starters-Advanced-Masters, except in the Open Jumpers, Open Standard, Open Gamblers, Open Snooker….all dogs run the same course and a Q counts at whatever AAC level your dog is currently competing at.  So a Qualifying run in any Open class (including Steeplechase) will count as a Q for your team!  Placements in Open courses are by height category, that means 1st, 2nd, 3rd may go to a Starters, Masters and Advanced dog(s) in a given height category.

We have added some Starters level classes to the program to offer an opportunity for the dogs that may not be quite ready for the Open level courses. 

Open level courses are designed and judged under AAC Masters rules.  Starters courses are designed and judged under AAC Starters rules.

A Biathlon is a combined score (aggregate) of your Jumping & Agility rounds on Saturday or Sunday. 

Teams may enter one or all classes, pricing is on the online form.

Regular Q ribbons and placements to 4th place will be available for all height categories.  Title rosettes are available for verified titles, one per day.  Additional prizes for aggregate scores are as described in the scoring section below.


This is a tournament style event that we hope to grow over the course of the next few years.  Tournament events mean:

  1. Your dog needs to be able to go to the start line, on leash, while the previous dog is finishing the last 4-6 obstacles of the course.
  2. All competitors are required to work crew assignments.
  3. FEO with a toy is permitted.

REACH Huron Centre information:

169 Beech St Clinton Ont N0L 2G0           www.reachhuron.ca       diagrams at www.tollhaven.com/GLB use menu on left