6:30 PM SUNDAY AND THE 2018 AAC ONTW REGIONALS CHAMPIONSHIP is done!  Tear down, 3 Dog Relay for Charity, Volunteer Draws and Judge's Award of Merits, Aggregate Rosettes and Nationals Qualifiers announced, Official Podium Photos all by 6:30 pm.  Absolutely due to the massive amount of cooperation between Handlers, Officials, Volunteers and Committees - kudos to all for working together to make that happen!!

Results are here: THE 2018 RESULTS !!

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May 23, 2018


All Gate sheets with height/division changes as of 6pm May 23 included have been posted: Group Listings and Running Orders




May 22, 2018:


2018 AAC ONTW Regional Championship CATALOGUE is posted here: At the Competition

May 19, 2018:


All Gate Sheets for Friday's AAC Sanctioned Warmup Trial have been re-issued and posted at: At the Competition


Warm Up Running Order updated: Group Listings and Running Orders


Confirmation Letter sent to Participants: 2018 AAC ONTW Regional Weekend Confirmation.pdf (885500)


Food Vendor update us with her prices:

Hamburgers/Cheese burgers $6.00
Chicken ceaser wraps $5.00
Mixed berry Yogart Parfat $4.00
Assorted meat subs $5.00
Greek salads $ 4.00
Bake goods $ 1.00 / $3.00
Water/pop/ $1.00
Popsicles $2.00
Popcorn $ 3.00
There will be something different each day added.

May 11, 2018:

Regionals groups and running orders posted here: Group Listings and Running Orders

Regionals Schedule: Schedule

3 Dog Relay for Charity Entry Form: 3 dog relay entry form 2018.pdf (228968)

            **** you can win money!!!!!******

KE Photography sent us package pricing for the Regionals: Vendors & Body Workers

May 10, 2018 - Friday May 25, 2018 AAC WARMUP TRIAL Gambler Gate Sheets updated to reflect separating out the S/V/VV dogs as we have electronic timing !!

May 8, 2018:  Event Shedule, Warm Up runs Schedule and Gate Sheets for Friday, May 25th's WarmUp trial have been emailed to participants and are posted here: At the Competition    Plan to have the Regionals package of Groups, Gates and so on out to folks by Friday!

Feb 10 - Vendor and Bodyworkers section updated. Vendors & Body Workers


January 29 - Entries, Stalls, Camping Registrations received to date are posted: Competitor Entries


Application for Bodywork Practitioners:



Information sheet for Vendors:



Application for Vendors:


January 11, 2018 -

Clarification: paper entries only means snail mail.  Dust off your postage stamps folks!!

January 10, 2018 - 

Volunteer info and online form are active: Volunteering



Competitor Info

January 8, 2018 -
2018  AAC ONTARIO WEST REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS Premium: FINAL west Ontario_Premium_2018.pdf (1124650)
Save the date!  We are offering a Sneak Peak at the Regionals venue....Friday, April 20th will be an AAC trial at the REACHHuron Centre in Clinton.  Come and join us for a day of fun with your dog!  Premium for the April 20th trial will be posted by Jauary 15th here: AAC Trials and onine entry will be available.
Oct 25, 2017 - Additional accommodation information rounded up by Bonnie Hirst posted to Ontario Twin Regionals Discussion Group on Facebook and summarized here: Supplement 1 to REACHHuron Accommodation only listing 2017.pdf (244696)
Oct 25, 2017 - confirmed no restrictions on generator use at venue for RVers.