*** update as of Jan 16, 2019 at 3 pm, we have received 30 stall applications** we are suspending registration for stalls while we confirm payments. This prevents a lot of unnecessary etransfers! If any remaining stalls are available, we will update this page and post in the Ontario Twin Regionals facebook page with a 3 day delay to opening Stall Rental Applications again.  Anyone we cannot register will go on a waiting list and have their Stall Rental fee refunded.

Please note: Stall Rental Applications   opens Jan 15, 2019 and closes April 6, 2019


2019 AAC ONTW Stall Rental Applications - mail in form:

2019 AAC ONTW Stall Rental Applications - online application:



A COMBINED ETRANSFER may be used to pay for multiple forms submitted on the SAME day but MUST have the HANDLER's NAME and the forms submitted noted in the COMMENTS SECTION of your etransfer. (I'm a dog trainer, not a bookkeeper.....make it simple and clear please!