2021 UKI CANADIAN OPEN  -  Entry Info

Every online form arrives with a time and date stamp: if you submit your entry before 12:01 am on July 12, 2021.... I will know and you will lose the cost of etransfer'ing your refund to you.  Etransfers are received via autodeposit so it does absolutely no good to jump the opening date.
2021 UKI CANADIAN OPEN RULES by UKI: Final 2021 CO Rules.pdf (158181)
COVID19 MEASURES & SAFETY PLAN **Everyone must READ!!**2021 UKI CANADIAN OPEN Covid Safety Plan.pdf (242801)
2021 CO Online Entry:  2021 CO Online Entry
2021 CO Camping Registration: Camping
2021 CO Stall Rental Application: Stall Rental
Local Public Health Unit: www.hpph.ca
SUNDAY AUG 22: loads of equipment to REACH
WED AUG 25: Setup day
THURS AUG 26:  Seminars with Kayl McCann and Jess Martin