2021 UKI CANADIAN OPEN - Warm Up Ring

If you have not attended an Open before, you will be pleased to learn that UKI allows a warm up ring at the event.  Altho we will be using Ring 1 for SS1 and Snooker, it will be available most of the weekend.  See the Program Schedule for more information about when the Warm Up Ring is available.
Warm up jumps will be available for everyone's use both outdoors in the upper ring and beside each ring.
Food and Toys are allowed in all 3 warm up areas: outdoor ring, ringside jump for each ring and the Warm Up Ring in Ring 1.
Training devices that do not alter the equipment (ie. are not placed on the equipment) such as targets, start mats, hoop may be used but no device may be used that is placed on the equipment itself, such as mats, stride regulators etc.  A friend may enter the Warm Up Ring briefly to set the allowed training devices for you.
What is NOT ALLOWED is ANY movement of equipment.  Competitors may not move ANY equipment in a warm up other than setting a bar, or setting the Aframe height and broad jump length in the Warm Up Ring.  Any competitor who moves warm up equipment will immediately be dismissed from the event with no refund per UKI rules.  Two such incidents in the weekend will cause the Warm Up Ring to be shut down for the weekend with no refunds for anyone, per UKI rules.
A pass for the Warm Up Ring may be purchased.
A single use pass allows a team to use the Warm Up Ring once in the weekend for up to 3 minutes ($10).
A Warm Up Weekend pass allows a team to use the Warm Up Ring throughout the weekend.  A Warm Up Weekend Pass is available for a single dog ($30) or multiple dogs ($40).
How it works:
The Warm Up Ring will be set per the diagram below.
1) Show your pass to the gate steward and enter into Lane A.  If anyone is waiting you must move on to Lane B after 1 minute.
2) While at Lane B or C, if anyone is waiting, you must move on/exit the ring after 1 minute.
3) If no one is waiting, you may use your 3 minutes on whichever lane you wish.
Any outstanding circumstances will be ruled by UKI.
DOWNLOAD PDF OF WARM UP RING: 2021 CO RIng 1 Warm Up diagram.pdf (205034)