2021 UKI CANADIAN OPEN - Venue at REACH Huron Centre, Clinton Ontario

Here is a pic of the venue that we included in our previous premiums (so ignore the title please!)
www.reachhuron.ca for more info about the venue.

Here is a little video of one of our first Championship events held at REACH Huron.  It gives an idea of the layout but is also a pre-Covid plan.  This year, access to Ring 1 on the far left will be from outside the building only.

3 rings at REACH.MOV (55575857)

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no dogs or handlers on the arena floor at any time the rings are running except:

1) Dog competing in the ring

2) Dog in the On Deck station

3) Dog in the In the Hole station

4) Dog in the Thinkin' About It station

5) Dog at the Warm Up Jump

THERE WILL BE A PRE-GATE STEWARD at the rear roll-up door for Rings 2 & 3, and another PRE-GATE STEWARD at the doors for Ring 1.

Teams who choose to wait in the bleachers (if the bleachers are open) must monitor the staging themselves.


IN ADDITION, we are testing out a new idea, using a Queue Management System:

On your Gate Sheets, you will notice an "Ordinal" number next to your dog's name.  This is the number that will appear on the 'Now Serving' screen (that can be seen from 100' away) when you are competing in that ring.  So, if I'm number 45, and 40 is running, I need to be on the Warm Up Jump and move thru the staging as the number counts down.  The Gate Steward and Pre-Gate Steward outside will have walkies and will inform you of any missing dogs in the 6 dogs ahead of you.  The color of the ordinal on your Gate Sheet will match the color of the screen at that ring.



Ring 1: Warm Up ring, SS1, Snooker

RING 2: LCMHA, Gamblers, MSFJ, Challenger, Biathlon Agility, SS2


RING 3: LCMHA, ROUND 1, Biathlon Jpg, ROUND 2, MHFA, Open Final