March 29 AAC Trial cancelled due to COVID-19.  Refunds for paid entries will be sent this week.


29 March 2020 AAC ONLINE ENTRY   

OPENING DATE:  Feb 15  PLEASE NOTE:  Entries received before the opening date will be voided.
  1. Submission of Online Entry without accompanying etransfer within 3 days will be voided.  Repeated practice of this will result in entry requiring cash payment or money order to be processed.
  2. Submission of Online Entry acknowledges that you have read the premium for this event and agree to all terms within it. This includes but is not limited to the refund policy outlined in the premium.
  3. Submission of Entry into this event acknowledges that you will volunteer a minimum of 1 class/day.
  4. Handlers are responsible for checking the Entries Received to Date and Confirmation details posted on this site and to contact Gloria at if your entry is missing.



In consideration of the acceptance of this entry by AAC and Tollhaven Learning Centre (the “Organizing Club”) and the opportunity to have the Dog participate, compete in and/or be judged at this event or trial (the “Event”), I, the undersigned, agree as follows:

1.               I certify that I am the actual owner of the Dog, or that I am the duly authorized agent of the actual owner of the Dog and that the Dog is not a hazard to persons, property or other dogs.

2.               I agree that AAC or the Organizing Club for the Event may refuse my entry for any reason that it deems to be sufficient.

3.               I understand and acknowledge that participation in the Event carries certain risks, including, but not limited to injuries (including serous injuries and death) to myself, the Dog, another dog under my control or persons attending as my guests (my “Related Parties”), damage to property and other losses. I waive any and all claims that I have or may have in the future against, and release from all liability and agree not to sue AAC, the

Organizing Club or any of the directors, executives, committees, representatives, employees, volunteers or agents of either AAC or the Organizing Club (the “Personnel”) for any injury, death, property damage or other loss that I or my Related Parties sustain due to any cause whatsoever, including negligence, breach of contract, breach of duty, statutory or otherwise, or mistakes or errors of judgment of any kind.

4.               I assume full responsibility for the conduct of myself and my Related Parties during the entirety of the Event. I agree to indemnify and save harmless AAC, the Organizing Club and the Personnel from and against any and all claims that may be made against them or costs, fees, expenses or liability (including, without limitation, lawyers’ fees on a solicitor and own client basis) incurred by AAC, the Organizing Club or the Personnel that may arise due to:

(a) any act or omission of myself, my Related Parties or any party for whom I am liable at law; or (b) aggressive behaviour by the Dog or any other dog under my control.

5.               I have read, and do understand the rules of competition and the additional rules (if any) appearing in the trial schedule for the Event, as well as the policies of AAC pertaining to discipline (collectively, the “Rules”). I agree to abide by the Rules and to conduct myself and the Dog in accordance with the Rules. I understand that myself and/or the Dog may be subject to disciplinary procedures or sanctions for breach of the Rules and agree to respect and be bound by any disciplinary decision made by AAC.

6.               I understand that AAC and/or the Organizing Club may, in the course of administering the Event or conducting itsactivities generally, collect, use or disclose my personal information and that any personal information collected, used or disclosed by AAC and/or the Organizing Club will be treated in accordance with AAC policy and applicable privacy and personal information laws. I hereby consent to the collection, use and disclosure by AAC and/or the Organizing Club of my personal information.

7.               I have been given the opportunity to read and understand the terms of this Agreement before signing it, and havein fact done so. I understand that by signing this Agreement, I am restricting my legal rights and I sign this Agreement voluntarily and of my own free will. 

29 March 2020 AAC trial at Birr Arena