TLC’s approach to training is unique. The majority of our services are individualized programs designed to achieve goals that you, the consumer, have defined. We provide the techniques, the methodology and the tools you need to achieve your goals. Our programs are not “recipes” that give the same instruction, information and exercises to everyone, regardless of their own experience, skills and interests. At TLC, we get to know you, find out what your goals are and design a program to help you achieve them.


By working with our clients to set the goals for training, we can then use those goals to determine which goals will best be achieved with one-on-one private sessions, and which will be require working in an environment of low, medium or high levels of distractions (like other dogs, people, sounds, indoor vs. outdoor and so on).  Most folks will need to do a bit of both to achieve their goals.  After having taught at large obedience schools early in my career, I really believe that a part of the key to success is helping the human half of the team develop the knowledge and skills they will need to help their dog be successful in a group class before putting the dog in that environment.  By knowing what to do, right from the start, the dog gets the chance to be successful and quickly gain skills in a group class.


Group classes are rarely more than 4 or 5 dogs in a class.  We want to be sure that we can spend time with each person and their dog throughout the class, as events are happening.  We also like to make sure that everyone in the group class has a general understanding of their classmates goals, as well as their own, as very often there are shared goals (like calm behaviour at the sight of another dog playing, or being able to 'meet and greet' other dogs politely) that classmates can help each other achieve.

Because of our unique approach, we are able to offer flexible scheduling that allows for shift work or shift cycles. Sessions can be scheduled daytime, evening or weekends. Weekly, alternating weeks or monthly sessions can be planned, depending on your goals. Private sessions are backed up by opportunities to attend the weekly “group practice” to fulfill the need to socialize your dog and practice your skills with instructor support available to you. This balance provides maximum development of skills in you, so that you become the trainer, handler and owner you want to be, while still meeting the socialization needs of your dog. 

Our group programs do provide a more structured curriculum for the experienced trainer to work with their dog. Learning to work with distractions of all types is important experience for any human/animal team. Our group programs are excellent opportunities for clients to use the training skills they’ve learned in their private sessions to give their dogs a valuable training experience. If public performance is a part of your personal goals, then our combined program of privates and groups will help you achieve success!


Check out our program descriptions and feel free to Contact Us with any question you may have.  Our programs are constantly evolving, based on advancements in training techniques, new developments in canine sport and client's interests and inquiries.  If you are a dog sport enthusiast in a venue that you haven't seen described here, we may still be able to help you with your training goals.  Gloria has helped experienced trainers work thru performance stress, stimulus control issues, motivational challenges and much more, even tho the training will be used in a different context (ie. Belgian Ring, Arson Detection, Siezure Alert to name a few) than our core programs.  Such collaborations are an important tool, especially for working dogs.