Behavioural Training

Behavioural Consults are an important part of TLC's overall commitment to helping folks improve their training and communication with their dogs while also helping dogs to live happier, more relaxed lives as a fully participating member of the family.


Reactive dogs have great difficulty in situations that trigger their anxiety and arousal levels.  These dogs are often terrifically smart, sensitive dogs, who miss very little of what goes on around them.  Whether they are fearful, anxious, aggressive or frozen, careful evaluation and training can make a world of difference to their quality of life.


Some dogs exhibit Separation Anxiety - they become anxious - pacing, yawning, whining, howling, barking, chewing and often escalating to hurting themselves thru excessive licking (hot spots, lick granulomas and so on) to broken teeth and nails trying escape confinement to fatal consequences resulting from consuming rugs, clothes, shoes during their owner's absence.  It often begins with small signs when the dog can see and/or hear their owner but is physically separated from them.  Unfortunately, SA very seldom stays static, it will grow worse over time - early intervention is key to successful treatment.

Some dogs show signs of Resource Guarding - they freeze, growl, snarl and/or bite whenever anyone comes near their food bowl, bone, favourite bed, the couch, the owner's bed.....the list of what a dog may resource guard is virtually endless.  Again, this is a problem that does not go away without careful treatment.  Most Resource Guarding behaviours can be treated successfully if treatment begins early enough - do not wait!  Get the help of an experienced dog trainer or behavourist immediately.


Other types of Aggression - On-Leash Aggression, Dog-to-Dog Aggression, Dog-to-Human Aggression, handling issues, fear of children, chasing behaviours like reactivity to bicyclists, skateboarders, joggers, and excessive reactivity to visitors to your home or property are all examples of dogs that are having difficulty problem-solving situations that trigger high arousal levels and reactivity.  Training works to aid the dog in offering a thoughtful response, one involving self-control from the dog, rather than imposed control from the humans.  While some dogs may need careful management in certain situations for the rest of their life, training can help stop the problem from spreading and can help reduce the frequency, severity, and duration of the problem behaviours.


Training, socialization and behavioural conditioning can be used to reshape inappropriate behaviour, under the coaching of an experienced trainer.  Time, age, sex, amount of training, exercise, diet and lifestyle factors are all important dynamics in assessing the risk and formulating a plan for behavioural change.


A Behavioural Consult will begin with a detailed history of the dog's experiences to date, an assessment of the current state of training and an outline of realistic goals for the future, including what it will take in terms of lessons, training and time to reach those goals.

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Stewie's Owner's Speak Up...

Gloria has made us aware that we could change Stewart’s behaviour and teach him to think for himself. Therefore not fearing everything he sees, so now he responds in a less aggressive manner.  Stewart has so many problems mostly coming from fear and anxiety. Gloria has taken us back to step one and shown us how to interact with Stewart, read his body language, even speak to him when necessary with our body language. We have to be aware at all times what signals he is putting out there and react to those. She has also taught us to reward his behaviour, be it ever so small at times. He likes this and caught on quick to this system. I could go on and on for hours on what she has taught all of us.


Gloria is wonderful and if you have any concerns or behaviour problems with your dog go see her. She not only trains the dog, more importantly she trains the owner. Had we known about Gloria years ago we truly feel it would have saved us years of pain, both from the dog’s point of view and ours. The things we thought were helping him (making him face his fears head on), were only making things worse. We had to learn to understand him and take baby steps. Gloria has saved our dog’s life and saved us from the guilt and pain we would have had to carry the rest of our lives. We had not done our training and do have a long way to go but we can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel. That light for Stewart and our family is very bright.  Thank you Gloria for being there for our family. You truly were our last hope and Stewart’s saviour.

            - Cindy and Edward Noulty

Beamont's Owners Speak Up......

We'd like to sincerely thank you for all of your efforts in helping Baeu and us.  Top of our list of "would, coulda, shoulda's" is that fact that we wish we'd come to you before we even selected a puppy.  Things could have turned out very differently if we had better educated and prepared ourselves, or even if we'd come to you a few months sooner.  We needed puppy pre-natal classes!


The one bright spot is that we've learned so much from you.  You are a terrific teacher, you shared a ton of information, but also always made us think our way through the steps which makes for a very meaningful experience.  When our son is ready to get a dog, we'll be sendinghim to so that he doesn't make the same mistakes that we did.

Thank you again for all of your time and efforts.  We wish you all the best,

            - Lee-Anne and Brian