REBOOK/REFUND REQUEST for ESC 2020 (rescheduled to June 20/21, 2020)

DEADLINE for Requests: April 10, 2020
Competitiors with paid entries to ESC 2020 may choose to:
*rebook their entry to the new dates of June 20/21, 2020 with no change in fees or registration(s).
    Should it occur that the June edition of ESC 2020 has to be cancelled, rebooked registrations from April will receive the same refund as if they had requested their refund by April 10.  Transferred registrations from the June event that withdraw will be treated as if they are withdrawals from the show after the closing date.
*request a refund.
    Refunds will be 80% of runs fees and all but $5 for stall and camping fees.
*re-enter online at a later date if they wish.
    Opening date for new entries will be May 1st. Closing date for new entries to ESC 2020 will be June 1st. New entries may pay a slightly higher entry fee (max $2/run) depending on the precentage rebooking we experience. Late entries will be accommodated if at all possible. We understand that our Americans friends may not know until a later date about border crossing guidelines that may be in place for June 2020. Brad and I are committed to offering the ESC 2020 in June as long as we can break even and meet all COVID-19 guidelines.
There is a daily limit on etransfers we can send daily.  To refund the whole event will take 7-10 days, so please be patient after you send your request.


Requests must be submitted by April 10, 2020. No refunds will be issued after that date.