Challenge Sponsors!!

Thank you for sponsoring the Placements for our Challenge classes, we love you!















The 2021 UKI Fall Cup would like to take this opportunity to send a heartfelt thank you to @integricareanimalhealth, makers of Tri-Acta, for their ongoing support of Agility in Canada.  Integricare Animal Health has been incredible to our agility community as a sponsor as well as a health care supplement provider. 


In our 2021 Eastern Fall Cup, we are happy to announce that Integricare Animal Health will be providing  140g Tri-Acta HA for each of the winners of the games challenge at this year’s cup. 


Tri-Acta and Tri-Acta H.A. is a comprehensive solution to your pet’s health.  This health supplement has provided the ability to prevent and treat joint and muscle ailments, while also restoring lost joint and muscle integrity.  As agility competitors, we know how important this is to our dog’s health and well being so we want to express our appreciation to them for this.

Thank you to EARTH RATED for providing us with their quality products to keep the REACH Huron venue and surrounding parks and hotels neat and clean!!

EFC 2021 Sponsors

Equipment Sponsors!!!  We have no event without them!