Thank you for thinking of volunteering at the Eastern Spring Cup of UKI Agility!!!  Events like these cannot be held without the help of volunteers!!
Volunteers will receive lunch, snacks and water/pop and as much pampering as possible! 

Here is a short description of each job:

GATE: The person who manages the entry of teams into the ring for the whole rotation.  Previous experience as a Gate Steward required.  For Sat & Sun, it helps the participants out a lot if the same Gate Steward can work all day with that group.

TIMER: The person who prompts the team to begin, ensures the electronic timers have started, starts time manually as instructed by the judge and helps the scribe record the time for each team.  Previous experience as a Timer required.

SCRIBE: The person who watches the judge from start to finish and records the judge’s signals on the correct team’s scribe sheet. Previous experience as a Scribe required.

SCRIBE ASSIST: The person who quietly liaises with the Gate Steward to confirm the scribe sheets are in the correct order and prepares the clipboards for the scribe to keep the ring running efficiently.  Previous administrative/organizational experience required.

LEASH RUNNER: The person who waits for the team to start their run and then quietly walks the team’s leash (and sometimes their toys, treat bag, ipod etc, lol) to the exit gate and leaves the items there, returning in time for the next team’s start.

RING CREW: The folks who adjust the equipment for each height and class of team, reset knocked bars and monitor tunnel restraints.  You get to sit in the ring and watch each run from the best seat in the house!! No previous experience required.


There are also many jobs outside the competition rings that are vital to the success of this event: admin in the scoring room, volunteer hospitality, course building at the end of the day and so on.

Please submit the online form below, and Volunteer Coordinator Bonnie will get in touch with you.  AND THANK YOU  for ALL the VOLUNTEERING YOU DO!!

For a pdf of these Job Descriptions, click here: 



UKI OFFER TO VOLUNTEER AT ESC 2022, June 4-5, 2022

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