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TollhavenLC You Tube videos

It's a modest start, but there are a few videos on our YouTube channel that you may find helpful with your homework from class:

Pylon Game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zimSSXTdYok

Linda Mecklenburg's 4 Turns on the Flat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHWAdeKGFx4



Clicker Training

Karen Pryor is generally credited with bringing the science of "clicker training", ie. operant conditioning, to dog training.  Her website is excellent.  My favourite book about training is actually not about training dogs, it's actually based on Karen's diary of her time learning to train dolphins, it's called "Lads Before the Wind".



Kay Laurence  is an amazing trainer and I really love her recent books on Learning About Dogs and How Dogs Learn.



Bob Bailey is a world famous trainer in his own right, who continues to offer the benefit of his amazing career in animal training, well into his "retirement".  His late wife, Marion Breland-Bailey was for many years, the last surviving graduate student of B.F. Skinner, the "father of operant conditioning" as we understand it today.   As much of the Bailey's classified animal training for the US government becomes declassified, and available via the internet, there are some amazing examples of animal training in the real world.



There are a ton of really great clicker trainers out there on the internet, along with some things that would make me very concerned if people follow them.  Sorting the gold from the rest is a very difficult task, especially for the beginner trainer.  I hope to continue to build the list, but here are a few I really like:





Books, DVDs and Training Supplies

For all things agility, including the worldwide magazine, Clean Run can't be beat.



Hang onto your credit card, the store at Dogwise has all the most recent seminar dvds and books, most of which we cannot get here in Canada.



Dog Agility


Like many sports, dog agility has many different sanctioning bodies, some national, some international, all  with different emphasis on competition or recreation.  It's a sport with something for everyone...


The Agility Association of Canada is one of the few national volunteer-run agility organizations in the world.



Considered a more recreational league for agility play, they still offer a lot of training and trialing challenges at Canine Performance Events.



The United States Dog Agility Association has become more popular in recent years for a sanctioning organization in Ontario.



The Canadian Kennel Club's agility program also provides our FCI World Agility competition team.



FCI World Agility Championship, in 2013, will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa



The IFCS World Agility Champships do not require on purebred Kennel Clubs to be a country's member organization, so AAC is Canada's IFCS recognized Agility organization and has fielded a highly competitive team each year, with numerous Gold medals making the trip back to Canada!!




Rally Obedience

Again, RallyO has several sanctioning organizations....


The Canadian Association of Rally Obedience is a very well-organized program with lots of activity nationwide.  The CARO program has been chosen by a number of countries as the program they either adopted as their national RallyO program, or modeled their own program after the CARO program.



The Canadian Kennel Club has started to offer a RallyO program more recently.


Sheep Herding


United States Border Collie Handlers' Association  www.usbcha.com

Australian Shepherd Club of America  www.asca-herding.org    

American Herding Breed Association   www.ahba.org

Canadian Kennel Club   www.ckc.ca